Air fry

Mit dem Philips Airfryer soll man Frittieren, Garen und Backen können – ohne Öl. Er ist keine Fritteuse, sondern ein kleiner Ofen mit. Reduce fat in your fried foods by cooking with these air fryers that cook your favorite foods without added oil.

Save Big On Open-Box Used Products: Buy Philips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry Healt. Amazon Open-Box Used and save off the $249. The Philips Airfryer makes it possible to enjoy healthier version of your favorite foods by frying them with a tablespoon or less of oil and draining excess fat . Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Philips Airfryer.

This is supposed to be a healthy alternative to deep fried. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at high spee cooking . Philips Airfryer XL Collection kann eine leckere Mahlzeit für die ganze Familie zubereiten.

Frittieren mit Luft macht das Essen außen knusprig und innen zart . So when I heard about the Airfryer — a kitchen gadget that says it can fry foods with a tablespoon of oil or less — I thought the heavens were . But, the Airfryer uses a tablespoon of oil and the chips come out crisp on the outside and tender on the inside – they’re a healthier version, and they taste great.